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KEURUU The first permanent inhabitants settled down in Keuruu in the 1560’s after the King Gustavus Vasa had given the order to inhabit the wilderness. These hunting grounds, owned by hunters from Satakunta and Häme, now became inhabited primarily by farmers from Savo, to whom the virgin forests of the region offered ideal conditions for…

Paddlewheeler Elias Lönnrot

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In Hotel Keurusselka you have the possibility of taking a cruise on a unique paddlewheel ship called Elias Lönnrot in Lake Keurusselka.

Rental bicycles in Keuruu


Now you can see Keuruu´s sightseeings with a rental bike!   Keuruu´s Tourist Office is renting classic gearless bike´s with low price and flexible terms.   * One bike10€/per day * If you take more than one 5€/per day * For short use (3-5h) 5€ There are four bicycles and they are new arrivals of this…

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