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Escape room game is a game where your 2-5 person team has one hour to solve the puzzles, find the answer to the game’s story and get out. This experience will linger in your mind and give you lots to discuss and relate to friends and colleagues afterwards. Reserve your game from: Game experience in…

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GoKeuruu app helps the traveler to find services in Keuruu.

Haapamäki Summermarket


Haapamäki summermarket is open 31 th of Maj to 10th of August on Thursdays 2pm – 5pm. Middle of Haapamäki village.

Keuruu Market Square


KEURUU MARKET SQUARE Open Thu 8-13 and 1.5.-30.9. also Mon 8-13. Local season products, vegetables, berries etc. Located on the parking lot near Maalaisvakka. Addr: Keuruuntie 4, Keuruu   HAAPAMÄKI MARKET PLACE Open 31.5.–10.8.18  on Thursdays 14–17 Addr. Pihlajavedentie 4, Haapamäki

Keuruu Tourist office

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Keuruu’s tourist information has a common facilities with Navikka Shop in Keuruun center.   Open: Mon-Fri 10am – 4.30 pm Brochures, maps, tickets to the city’s culture, events and advisory services. Rent a bike! Local products, souvenirs, postcards e.t.c. The Keuruu brochures can be found in Internet. in English in Russian (По-русски) in Estonian (eesti keeles) in…

Keuruu wellcomes You throughout year!


KEURUU The first permanent inhabitants settled down in Keuruu in the 1560’s after the King Gustavus Vasa had given the order to inhabit the wilderness. These hunting grounds, owned by hunters from Satakunta and Häme, now became inhabited primarily by farmers from Savo, to whom the virgin forests of the region offered ideal conditions for…

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